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Kyosho ATV Quad Rider

Discussion in 'Nitro RC Talk' started by r-kyoshogt, May 2, 2011.

  1. r-kyoshogt

    r-kyoshogt RC Newbie

    Hi, I've got the quad rider atv from 1997-2000 [not sure of the actual age], and was wondering if anyone had an instruction manual, or a link to one, or even some sort of idea where I could find one.

    I tried Kyosho's website and couldn't find one, and I've seen some extremely old threads of people having some...but haven't actually found one myself....mostly dead links...

  2. mtaylortank

    mtaylortank Hardcore RCNT User

    Maybe if you search (DISCONTINUDE RC CARS BY KYOSHO'S) or by typing in (DISCONTINUDE MODELS BY KYOSHO'S CO.) you might get lucky.. either at an rc parts place or their website might have something like that that you mighta missed ( i do it all the time) or search on google or bing with that frase and you might find something useful...
    I hope this helps out even alittle bit on your search.. keap us posted on what you figure out.

    i ALMOST FORGOT if those other 2 phrases dont work try putting the name of the rig in with the question and that might help..... goood luck!!!!!!!!!!!
    Last edited: May 3, 2011
  3. pipisugbo

    pipisugbo RCNT Racer

    You should email kyosho customer service. I found a thread from about 2 months ago on another forum, they said kyosho CS emailed them a copy of the manual.
  4. r-kyoshogt

    r-kyoshogt RC Newbie

    I've tried searching on the net, and can't find anything still :(

    I e-mailed Kyosho and hopefully I'll get something back.

    But one of the problems is that when I try going full throttle, the engine cuts out. I'm a noob at this but I think it's something to do with the pipe from the exhaust to the fuel tank, the pipe is there, but should there be anything in between, it's just because it's an exhaust and is different to all the modern ones.....maybe one of you knows...

    Thanks for the help:)
  5. hamz9561

    hamz9561 Proud Short Bus Rider Supporter Veteran

    Have you tried looking here?


    If the manual isn't there they may be able to find it for you.
  6. mtaylortank

    mtaylortank Hardcore RCNT User

    if it cuts out at full throttle shouldnt he richen it up alittle bit cause that would mean it was running lean right???
  7. jpcaptech

    jpcaptech RC Newbie


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