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HPI Savage heavy duty spur gear

Discussion in 'HPI Savage' started by WoodiE, Feb 19, 2007.

  1. WoodiE

    WoodiE Kind of good admin Staff Member

    HPI has released a new heavy duty 47 tooth spur gear used as original equipment on the HPI Savage X SS, this steel 47 Tooth Heavy Duty Spur Gear is an excellent upgrade for Savage owners who use their trucks in extreme conditions with high output engines. The heavy duty spur gear #77127 is machined from high carbon steel for precise...

  2. dan14

    dan14 RCNT Champion

    I wont one of those for my savage x, dose any one know the price of one of these, and would it fit a savage x?
  3. eartaker

    eartaker RCNT Talkaholic

    Here is what I was told... it is better to have the plastic spur gear and to have it strip out rather than to have something go wrong and end up striping out the tranny.
  4. dan14

    dan14 RCNT Champion

    i was told its better to have a plastic one rather a metal or the new one that they have brought out, when the plastic one goes the person said if it happend with a metal or a new one, that somthing would of gone inside the engine.
  5. robmob

    robmob Disseminated Staff Member

    If you have your slipper set correctly, you should not do any damage to the tranny when you are running steel spurs.

    If you do use a hardened steel spur, you must also use a hardened steel clutch bell or the spur will chew through the clutch bell like it's butter.
  6. FastEddy

    FastEddy The Slowest Guy In Town

    You stole my post word for word and beat me to the punch........
  7. TOPDOGG71

    TOPDOGG71 RCNT Qualifier

    i have a axial .32 on my sav x i go through spur gears like butter. lol but i am to belive that that a steel spur gear on a steal bell gear messes up my radio control is there any truth to that? i was also told metal on metal anywhere messes me up. god i hope i was told wrong!!!! please help i am runnin out of plastic gears
  8. olds97_lss

    olds97_lss RCNT VIP Supporter

    I don't know how much truth there is to that... Pretty much every 1/8 scale buggy on the market runs steel to steel bell/spurs and it's a relatively thriving section of the market...

    Whatever glitching it causes isn't enough to cause any harm. I didn't notice any more or less glitching when I ran my buggy or my t-maxx with steel spurs/CB's than I do with my revo and savage with plastic spurs/steel bells.

    I run an FM radio though. Maybe it affects AM systems more?
  9. robmob

    robmob Disseminated Staff Member

    Not true. Virtually every buggy or truggy out there uses a steel spur and clutch bell.
  10. Racer 1966

    Racer 1966 What are we doing today? Supporter

    Read above post by robmob and add to the first line "and if you have your mesh set correctly"
  11. robmob

    robmob Disseminated Staff Member

    Dang. Olds pressed "post quick reply" before me.
    Last edited: Feb 21, 2007
  12. TOPDOGG71

    TOPDOGG71 RCNT Qualifier

    ok i got bad info!!!! thats way i joined this forum please dont hold it aginst me lol

    any truth to lettin the plastic spur gear bein the weekiest link because it is cheeper to fix?
  13. DDriller

    DDriller RC Newbie

    Steel Spur Gears on the Savage-X F4.1

    According to some, the only way you will strip through, or melt your plastic spur gear is improper mesh. Having the slipper clutch properly adjusted you should not have any damage to the drive line. However there has been cases of broken crankshafts. (Isolated incidents?) Apparently the best way to adjust mesh with the steel gears is to fold a peice of paper in half and run it through, and set them there. A single peice unfolded for the nylon spur gear.
    (True?) I have ripped apart nylon gears because of improper mesh. (in a rush to get her going)

    I am using the following parts On a Savage-X F4.1 with ribbed tuned pipe & 20% nitro fuel.

    HPI #86806 Steel Spur Gear Set 47T
    HPI #77107 HPI Racing Clutch Bell 17T
  14. olds97_lss

    olds97_lss RCNT VIP Supporter

    With the larger engines out now that will bolt into the savage, the original single slipper disk spur gear setup allows too much slip even when cranked down. When the savage first came out, it came out with a pretty tame 21. The slipper worked fine. Now guys are jamming in 2+ HP engines and the spur slips on the slipper so much that it heats up, melts at the slipper, gets out of shape/alignment, then either strips or just melts around the slipper plate so bad that it doesn't mesh right anymore.

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