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High and Low speed settings for HPI 21 Big Block

Discussion in 'Nitro RC Talk' started by Speedbuggy9, May 30, 2004.

  1. Speedbuggy9

    Speedbuggy9 RC Newbie

    I have a OFNA Ultra LX Pro buggy with a HPI 21 big block with a Nova Racing Head on it. I started trying to adjust on the high speed and low speed needles not having any idea what I was doing. Now I have turned them so much that it is all out of whack. I was wondering if someone out there might know what the factory settings might be or what I should do to get it back on track?

  2. Team 17

    Team 17 Hardcore RCNT User

    Have u tried HPI website? I would close the HSN and then turn it out 3 1/2 to 4 turns out and the LSN turn it till it's flush.
  3. SkyMaxx

    SkyMaxx RCNT VIP Supporter Active Military


    The above link is to the HPI page from their manual on the HPI Nitro Star .21BB. It lists the needle settings.

    CLICK HERE for the entire manual.

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