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Help me decide please :)

Discussion in 'Traxxas Revo' started by MyJeep, Nov 17, 2004.

  1. MyJeep

    MyJeep RCNT Addict

    I am going to get a mill for revo. Just can't decide which to go. Here is my 2 primary choices at this moment.

    O.S. .18 TM w/Revo Manifold Slide Carb
    Price: $219.99 - $20.00 = $199.99

    Trinity Sirio .23 T-Maxx Racing Engine
    Price: $289.99 - 25.00 - $264.99
    (New Era .23 conversion needed $49.50)
    Also not sure is another header required or the traxxas's will work
    Total: $314.49

    I am on budget as my girlfriend caught me bought the revo without telling her. LOL

    However, I still want to know what you guys have to say about it.

    Guys, help me out here. Thank you.

    Hoping olds97_lss have something to tell me this time :D

    Result: O.S. .18 - Sirio .23 (1 : 0)
    Last edited: Nov 17, 2004
  2. onbagz2002

    onbagz2002 RCNT Basher

    I am also wanting to upgrade my engine. I'm not sure what to get wich has more power and is better?I don't know much about these REVO's just yet.. Here's mine..
  3. Diver6127

    Diver6127 RCNT VIP

    I would go with the OS.18. Only saying this since there is a diff prob with the revo's (just sawit on the homepage of this site). If you think about it, the diffs were designed for a .15's torque. Maybe putting an 18 in there would be pushing it a little bt but sticking the Sirio would definitely be overkill for the diffs.

    Your what, 26? Just assuming since I checked your profile. Don't worry about the g/f. She probably thinks that this is just a toy, right? Most women don't comprehend our obsession with the hobby, except mine of course. She's just as addicted as I am.

    The only reason she should really be conderned with your purchase is if you guys are planning a wedding and trying to save up for it. If you're living together, well that's a different story. I always joke about making big purchases and about hidin them from my wife but what it comes down to is that I actually save to make these purchases so that it's not comming out of the monthly budget and she knows it.

    Don't worry about the gf, worry about your diffs on the revo.
  4. UltegraSTI

    UltegraSTI RCNT Addict

    do u race? that would kick u up a class. just a thought

  5. MyJeep

    MyJeep RCNT Addict

    Diver6127, I think i deserved it for 55 hours a week work. By the way, I kept my promise to save 60% income each month as saving. The rest goes to RCs, bills, and weekend spendings. That give me approx. $1500 to spend after saving. And yes, we planned to get married someday.... i guess....

    She really thinks I am wasting money to some stupid toys. And yes, we are staying together at this moment. Maybe parting my t-maxx will makes her feels better....which I hope I don't have to.

    Anyway, thanks for your advice. I will see what other people have to say about it. I will decide which mill to buy this weekend.

    I don't race much. Just bashing (not hardcore) after work.
  6. MyJeep

    MyJeep RCNT Addict

    Ok I just can't wait till this weekend. So I went ahead and bought O.S .18 TM yesterday. It was in stock at Tower.

    I went to check the my order status this morning and the engine is back order and have to wait till Late Nov.

    I hope I got mine.

    Order Status:
    Order Now Being Picked and Packed in Warehouse
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