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glow plug sizes

Discussion in 'Nitro RC Talk' started by chuck3, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. chuck3

    chuck3 RCNT Addict

    I went down to my lhs today for a couple of glow plugs (trying a new one, the one i usually go to screwed me over one to many times). They deal in mostly RC planes and helis. when i asked the guy behind the counter, he handed me a plug that didnt look like it was the right size or thread. maybe it was just me but I'm pretty sure it was the wrong size. Is there different sizes and threads? what size do I need? I've looked at that O.S. chart but it didnt answer my questions. btw, I'm running an LRP 28
  2. RevoAxial28RR

    RevoAxial28RR RCNT Rookie

    yeah, their is standard, "long reach," and turbo plugs from what i understand that motor takes a standard plug
  3. MrClean

    MrClean Hardcore RCNT User

    As far as the threads go, I believe they are all the same, but like he said there are 2 or 3 different lengths and several different kinds.


    For example my ofna force .26 does not perform as well on a O.D plug cause a long O.s long is not the same length as a McCoy long so the compression is not as good as with a McCoy.
  5. newviennajj

    newviennajj RCNT Talkaholic

    i like mccoy, some one tell me more about turbo plugs?
  6. Scrogg

    Scrogg Hardcore RCNT User

    LRP .28 needs a MC-59 or a MC-8.
    Turbo plugs are for turbo head engines, they are not compatible with non turbo heads.
    OS LC3, LC4 and McCoy 8,9 and 59 are all long plugs.
    The A3, A5, A8 is a standard length.
  7. RevoAxial28RR

    RevoAxial28RR RCNT Rookie

    the end on a turbo plug is cone shaped as opposed to flat, they don't use a crush ring(the copper washer on standard plugs). the button for the cylinder is also cone shaped, when you squrew it in, it seals up better than a standard plug and more consistantly at the same level, making more power and more consistent tuning, at about double the cost of a normal glow plug
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2008


    McCoy plugs are longer than OS plugs though.
  9. olds97_lss

    olds97_lss RCNT VIP Supporter

    I've run OS #8's in my LRP with pretty good success. I just fouled a plug yesterday and installed a spare dynamite plug I had... or maybe it was mccoy... Oh, it's a mccoy plug with a dynamite part number at horizon:

    Seemed to run ok as well. Actually, seemed to run a bit better than the OS #8. But I only ran half a tank through before I packed up. I'll run it again here in a little bit and see how it does.

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