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can you fix a body

Discussion in 'Paint and Body Shop' started by guilbo31, May 8, 2012.

  1. guilbo31

    guilbo31 RC Newbie

    i have a body that has a lil crack in it is there something i could fix it and i got the body that was panited on the out side could i repanit it
  2. robmob

    robmob oOOo Staff Member

    You can use shoe goo on the inside to fix the crack. Putting it over some drywall mesh tape will add strength.

    Make sure the body is clean where you apply the goo.
  3. guilbo31

    guilbo31 RC Newbie

    ok thanks
  4. NCNitro

    NCNitro Fist of Goodness Staff Member

    also, drill a tiny hole at the end of the crack before applying the shoo goo to the inside, this can help prevent the crack from continuing to spread.
  5. Bkyd Basher

    Bkyd Basher RCNT Addict

    zip ties baby!!!!!
  6. misfit47

    misfit47 RC Newbie

    Duct tape...
  7. TaterX

    TaterX RCNT Talkaholic

    Has anyone tried the flex seal. As seen on tv but they have it at Walmart.
  8. Phins Fan

    Phins Fan Hardcore RCNT User

    Tried 1 can. It works great on surfaces that are rough that the spray can penetrate into. If you spray it on a polished surface theres practically no bond at all and it just peels right up. (Sorry for the thread rob!!)
  9. MotoGod

    MotoGod Hardcore RCNT User

    Shoo Goo is wonderful stuff....lol
  10. hamz9561

    hamz9561 Proud Short Bus Rider Supporter Veteran

    I think Shoe Goo is a mandatory item in my pit-box.

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