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20 E-Maxx's ordered by the government

Discussion in 'Electric RC Talk' started by militarymaxx, Mar 14, 2004.

  1. militarymaxx

    militarymaxx RCNT Addict

    I was in my LHS today and almost all of the available counter space was occupied with brand new E-Maxx's getting prepped by one of the employees. I asked if there was some promotion going on and he said that the government had ordered 20 of them but didn't say why. I live in Norfolk, VA where there is a large Naval community but can't think of why they might want them. Just thought it was neat to see so many MT in one shop all lined up.
  2. kwong2001

    kwong2001 Hardcore RCNT User

    Man, that would be very cool to know why they ordered them.

    FRIDGE Hardcore RCNT User

    their gonna put semi auto machnie guns on them and use them for wars and intruding on enemy turf i dont understand why they didnt get the nitros..
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2004
  4. wdavidhicks

    wdavidhicks Hardcore RCNT User

    Stealth, my boy. Stealth.

    Remote Piloted Electric Counter Terrorism Assault And Reconnaissance Vehicle EMX-1.
  5. gutterboy

    gutterboy RCNT Addict

    Yeah how are you going to sneak up on the enemy with a nitro. A quiet e maxx is the way to go. YO JOE
  6. Supernitro17

    Supernitro17 RCNT Addict

    hope they beef up the a arms and bulkheads first ... :tank:
  7. marcoze

    marcoze RCNT Racer

    Actually, I'm guessing they ordered them for Research and Development into making their own vehicles.
  8. Çh®i§tiªñ

    Çh®i§tiªñ RCNT VIP

    Well being as the government bought them, they probably paid 1,000 each.

    That being said, they are going to use them for R&R and morale.

    If they were to use them for anything combat related, they would have cost 10,000 each.
  9. El Pirata

    El Pirata RCNT VIP

    You guys are all wrong, they're going to use them for targets.
  10. newnitrofan

    newnitrofan Hardcore RCNT User

    Hmmm that's very interesting to think of how many possible different uses there could be for it. Mounting a camera to it makes it a reconnisince vehicle, or a test vehicle to see if there is anyone hiding in a cave. I would imagine they will need to beef them quite a bit no matter which use they find for them. I am sure if the govt outfits one it will need like RPM everything. Newayz cool story.
  11. Çh®i§tiªñ

    Çh®i§tiªñ RCNT VIP

    They should have orderred Cyber-E-Maxx's
  12. militarymaxx

    militarymaxx RCNT Addict

    I found out today what their intentions are. Believe it or not they are being shipped overseas. They each have a set of jumbo kong tires on them, no bodies but a flat board mounted instead. Explosive ordnance is attached to the top and they are driven into empty buildings and remote detonated. Very cool, huh ? So, if there is a shortage of E-Maxx's out there you know why. A guy at the shop also said that the stock Titans were also replaced with better motors, but was unsure which ones.
  13. newnitrofan

    newnitrofan Hardcore RCNT User

    Now that sounds like an expensive way to go if you think about it. I mean to deliver a bomb like that is just unreal. On the flip side it's easier than trying to send a human in there to do it. Could you imagine buying an EMaxx just to make it explode. LOL
  14. lillightingboy21

    lillightingboy21 RCNT Addict

    This is a good thing. The next thing you know they are gonna be recruting people like us to drive those e-maxxs. This is gonna be sweet to see them on the news. I hope that they start to recruit people off of rcnt. It will be like we are sponsored drivers. We get paid to drive and we dont need to buy a thing.....Nick
  15. militarymaxx

    militarymaxx RCNT Addict

    If the government had to design and build something like an
    E-Maxx you can rest assured that it would cost 10 times as much and not work as good. I think this is a cheap and safe way to accomplish their goal. It's unfortunate that alot of E-Maxx's are getting blown up after just one run. But that's a small cost of freedom, and if going without E-Maxx's in some way keeps things better, then go for it. This whole thing probably started with some R/C'er hobbyist telling his supervisor, "Hey, wouldn't it be cool if we tied a bomb to this thing and drove it into some building?" Who knows. I thinks it's cool that our hobby reaches out to more than just the obvious.
  16. newnitrofan

    newnitrofan Hardcore RCNT User

    I could care less it it's an emaxx or sportmaxx or full on Tmaxx It seems to have it's proper use as far as I am concerned. Nahh the maxx is a good truck I just don't particularly care for one. I think it's a great way to save lives though.
  17. Supernitro17

    Supernitro17 RCNT Addict

    thats what stock monster trucks are made for
  18. olds97_lss

    olds97_lss RCNT VIP Supporter

    I'm sure a few of them aren't going to make it to the bomb room. You know the military, playing around on the job:)
  19. newnitrofan

    newnitrofan Hardcore RCNT User

    They would never do that. Kinda makes you wonder what some of those guys get paid to do. I mean playing around wise. Still very cool story I think
  20. olds97_lss

    olds97_lss RCNT VIP Supporter

    I'm sure a few battery packs will be drained in the "testing" phase regardless what the end goal is to be. These things are way to much fun to not horse around just a little!
  21. Renegade88

    Renegade88 RCNT Talkaholic

    I wonder if there would be any parts left to salvage?:p:
  22. FRIDGE

    FRIDGE Hardcore RCNT User

    i dont pay taxes yet but is this what our money is going into why would they need jumbo kongs to drive a bomb into a building?? wouldnt it be cheaper to attach some type of arm to drop the bomb and then safely drive the R/C out then detonate?
  23. olds97_lss

    olds97_lss RCNT VIP Supporter

    Cheaper, probably not. Think of all the r&d it would take for the gov't to make an arm to do anything like that. Also, they are probabably screeming the truck into wherever and blowing it up. Not slowly putsing in, sitting for a minute, the decide to blow shit up... if they wanted to do that, the could use a hand gernade or some other type of short range blow up device.

    Jumbo kongs would get you around on sand better wouldn't it?
  24. FRIDGE

    FRIDGE Hardcore RCNT User

    yesss the kongs would do that well i guess its as clear as the sky now
  25. marc0490

    marc0490 RCNT Champion

    Bashing taken to a new level.

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